Searching for a chiropractor in Laguna Niguel? The search is over. Don’t stress about finding the best chiropractic care. We provide relief and healing for you.

chiropracticDo I even need Chiropractic?

Do you live with chronic pain in the neck, back, hips or shoulders?

Do you wish you could sit or stand straighter, easier, or more safely?

Do you have trouble with sleeping or breathing?

Are headaches just a part of life you have been dealing with?

Do you ever feel “stuck,” stiff or unable to bend and twist as you’d like?

If you have answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, contact us. You are a great candidate for chiropractic care. We can make a difference you would not believe. Please – do not wait!

If you are dealing with any of these ailments, you have likely tried other treatments. Perhaps you have found a pill that sometimes helps hide the pain. Perhaps you have endured needles to numb the pain for a while. No matter what you do, the pain always returns. Stop doing this to yourself. We can make you turn away from the pills and the needles. We can halt any thought of going under the knife to fix your pain. We can’t allow you to do that without at least trying our care.


Chiropractic care is gentle. What we offer is completely risk free. We do not put you through extra pain in order to get rid of it. We want you to walk out of our office feeling great.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive. Our patients don’t have to be concerned with side effects. We send our patients home with relief instead.

Chiropractic care is forever. The treatments you have tried before don’t last. If they did, you wouldn’t have to keep dealing with them. Our treatments provide lasting results. We don’t just glaze over your pain, we make sure it is gone for good.

Chiropractors care about your entire body. We know that sometimes your lower back pain is coming from your feet or your hip pain is coming from your neck and shoulders. It’s the way humans are built. Our bodies connect. Our lives demand so much of our bodies and sometimes parts suffer. We will exam your entire frame and find out what we can do to make a lasting difference.

Life is more than this moment. You are more than your pain. We want to make a change for life! Call us!

- Pacific Hills Family Chiropractic
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