ChiropractorWhat’s the big idea about going to the chiropractor?

You have been looking for a chiropractor in the Laguna Niguel area. We know how taxing it can be to search for the right care. The worst part is, you may try out ten doctors before finding what you need. Pacific Hills Chiropractic has what others don’t. We aim to be the Chiropractor you trust and prefer. For years, we have taken care of back pain Laguna Niguel residents suffer from.

What does “care” mean to Pacific Hills?

We know being your Chiropractor is an honor. We see our patients as real people with lives and hobbies. We know that you want the quickest, most pain free relief there is. We want you to be back on your feet doing what you love. We know that if you suffer pain or stiffness, you can’t enjoy your best life.

So, you have found that you need help. You are dealing with immense pain or discomfort. Your way of life is affected. You want to avoid surgery, meds, and needles. We don’t blame you. None of that will give you the lasting relief you deserve. None of that will have you back at your normal hobbies quickly. Why recover from something that is meant to help you? Go to the Chiropractor and you won’t have to!

Why should you see a Chiropractor?

To be brief, going to the Chiropractor is about more than numbing the pain. We get to the bottom – the root cause of your pain. Other treatment options work to mask the pain. We would rather find the source and prevent it in the future. We promise to be gentle and safe with your body. Our staff is friendly and the results are fast acting. You can begin to feel better and never return to the aches you live with now.

What is it like to go to the Chiropractor?

At Pacific Hills, we treat you like family. We work gently to provide a safe, relaxed place for you to heal. We want you to walk out of each visit feeling great. Using a mix of detailed exams, rehab and exercise, and manual care – we will heal you. We also offer massage which will leave a lasting impact on your pain. Our staff is trained and skilled, but also kind. We don’t just heal you, we help you heal yourself. We believe that a lot of pain comes from our lifestyles. We sit at desks, over-work our bodies, and sleep poorly. When you visit us, you will learn how to sit, stand, and sleep safer. We will teach you how to modify any part of your life. Wellness is about more than pain relief – it is a lifestyle.

Is Glenn Perryman, DC the best Chiropractor for the job?

We guarantee it! Dr. Perryman’s years as a doctor make him the elite care giver. He loves being a Chiropractor because health matters. It does not matter how your pain began or where it is, Dr. Perryman can solve it. He uses a mix of tried, true technique and the latest tools. We maintain a clean, modern office for your comfort. Best of all, Dr. Perryman truly cares. He aims to be a Chiropractor that changes your life.


- Pacific Hills Family Chiropractic
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